Listed below are some of the best tips you need to remember if you want to keep the termites from spreading in your house. Also, the following tips can guarantee you that you’ll have successful?termite treatment Dana Point.? 


Keep a distance between wood and soil 

If you own a garden, see to it that there’s some distance between the wood and soil. Most professional pest extractors claim that it’s important to maintain at least an 18-inch distance. That way, the termites will be discouraged from attacking your home furniture and foundation. You can separate wooden areas from the soil using cement or stones, particularly in your gardens, patio, etc. to establish a physical termite barrier.? 

Declutter your house 

Regardless if you have requested a professional bed bug or termite treatment, it’s still crucial to do a decluttering drive within your home. Pay close attention to old magazines, newspapers, cardboards, and useless papers because these give a perfect environment for pests to live and propagate. If one of your rooms has been infiltrated by termites, do not take the things as well as the furniture pieces that are stored within that room and move it to other areas of your home that aren’t affected by the termites.? 

Repair any leaks 

Look for potential signs of decay or leaks in your home. Remember that moisture-laden walls and decayed roofs serve as a great breeding ground for termites. As much as possible, seal and repair the leakages right away and perform regular inspections particularly in dirty corners of your house and even in your basements. These areas are the first ones that can attract different types of pests yet these areas are frequently overlooked by homeowners. Once a basement has leakage, it can be very inviting for pests since it’s nearer to the ground, making it simpler for termites to thrive and gain access to your house easily.? 

Remove moisture 

One of the major reasons that entice all types of pests into your house, like termites, is moisture. Hence, you need to remove excess moisture found in your house since it can help keep these pests at bay. If you’re living in a humid area, you should invest in a dehumidifier. During the summer season, switching on air conditioners from time to time throughout the day can help since it keeps a cool temperature in the house and eliminates excess moisture from the indoor air.? 

Use borate on wood before painting or priming 

One of the most repellent for termites is called Borate. Borate can be sprayed on wood before priming and painting. It will be soaked into the wood and basically keeps termites from nibbling and attacking it. As soon as the termite spray has fully dried, you can proceed to normally prime and paint it and utilize it to make furniture, doors, window frames, etc. Such spray is good enough to repel termites for several years and even up to decades.?