Giving your very best to show your love and the best things to your parents before it is too late would be the nicest thing to do. It may sound very hard since they are old or they could not travel more but there are many other ways that you could try. It is hard for others to see that their parents are having a hard time living in this world due to their poor health condition and at the same time, the age. We don’t wish that they would die soon as we want them to stay longer but it is also a pain in our eyes and heart to see them having a difficult time waking up in the morning.  

There are some other kids that they would ask their parents if they want to stay in the hospice Colorado Springs as this is the perfect place where they could be taken care of. You need to understand the needs of your parents especially the attention that you need to give to them. Of course, it would be hard for you to take care of them while you need to secure your work since it is the one helping you to support your parents financially.  

It is a nice idea that you would still visit your parents most of the time in that place so that they would not feel lonely and scared. You need to know that they still need the love that is coming from you. This could be the time as well that you can talk to them and let them understand that things are happening not because you want it but because this is the fate that we need to accept. Everyone will die and that is something we can’t avoid.  

There are a lot of children that they could not accept this point that sooner or later their parents would be gone in this world. It could be such a painful part of your life but you need to understand the life situation that they are trying to fight. Every day they need to face the pain that they could not bear sometimes. They have to take a lot of different medicines and pills that their body needs to absorb. There could be some side effects that you don’t know and it is the reason of deteriorating their health status.  

It could be very difficult to see that they are dying but there is nothing more difficult to accept that you would be facing the world next time on your own. You have to make decisions without them. You need to be more patient when it comes to dealing with the things that they like. You may not like what they want but it is always a good idea to follow them even a bit. You can still talk about those happy things and those memories that can make them smile. Try to make the situation light and calm only as you don’t want them to be sad and cry